Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starting off..

I am going to start off with a short and sweet introduction to the purpose of this blog. Pit Bulls are a breed that are feared due to mostly myths and poor training. Before deciding to get a pet, you should learn the do's and don'ts about them. Pit Bulls are no different. If you google pit bull, a variety of sites appear. From wikipedia to pictures, from banning the breed to recreating the breed, it all appears and is available for you to click on. But, how do you know what to believe? How can you determine what you are reading about these dogs to be true? My family and I decided to save a pit bull, and I wont begin to deny that I was worried sick about bringing a dog with such a terrible reputation into my house. Especially since we have a young daughter. I wanted to ensure my family's safety before my dog's safety. So, I began my research. I found myself becoming scared, and then I would find another site arguing the on the side of the pits comforting me. Starting with the history of The American PitBull Terrier is one that you can find anywhere, and there is not much difference. The PitBull is in fact a mixed breed, even though it is recognized by different Kennel Clubs. It was mixed between a few different types of terrier to be hunters and farm dogs. And they excelled. When coming to America, the need for them in those terms started to dwindle. People were not unaware of the APBT strength, and they used this for their own sick entertainment purposes. They started fighting these dogs, because they had no tendencies to strike their masters. This is what they are known for today. Mean dogs who will tear you up, no matter the training. But that is not true. I have had my pit for nearly a year. He was the easiest dog I have had the ability to train, and I have had quite a few different dogs in my lifetime. I know people who breed them, I know people who have rescued them. They have never been anything more than satisfied with these animals. I will discuss the myths of these creatures, trying to close on a conclusion on whether it is fact or fiction. Along with advice to train these dogs, and hopefully encouraging everyone to help try and rebrand these breeds to the Pet Bull that they are. If anyone has any comments, questions, or concerns I welcome you to this site. I do invite all sides to the spectrum on this blog, because all sides need to be seen and ethically discussed before truly being able to rebuild these reputations. Before destroying a breed of wonderful and beautiful creatures, we have to realize that it is the people training these dogs to be terrifying, its not embedded in their DNAs. Hate the Deed, Not the Breed!!

Trip, our pet bull, thinks he is a lapdog and is protective over my daughter. He is friendly and you can see his eagerness to please us. He is smart and always friendly to guests and other dogs. I didn't get lucky, I did my research, and I kept up my responsibilities; this isn't just a coincidence it is the breed. They can become a great addition to your family, just like Trip has been to ours.