Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I was briefly about to brag about Tripp. I thought that he was starting to learn to share...

But then he stole the bone from her and walked away. He is a playful pup, and loves for Belle to be around. But he is not okay with her touching any of his toys. So we got her a bone of her very own, and he stole it from her and has hidden it... She is only allowed to share with him, or it is his and his alone..

Good thing she doesnt let him hurt her feelings. She just walks back over, and chews on it.. Sneaky Girl.

Serenity has surely given her approval on Belle. But going from having a tough little boy and adding a little pup girl into the mix has us making some adjustments. See, Serenity and Tripp play and she beats him up and he just lets her, and tries to get her to play tug of war. Belle is a little more sensitive, and we have to be a lot more gentle with her. But for the most part, she is adjusting well to Belle, and Belle is adjusting well to us.. Although, my loud mouth freaks her out sometimes, I cant help it. Im loud, and shes not used to it. Hopefully we will be able to toughen her up some!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing Family

We went to the park, because thanks to mother nature our weather has been absolutely fantastic the last few days!! Tripp hasnt visited this park yet. Mostly because I have been busy with school. But, I realize that I preach socializing, but other than our familiar houses, we have been terrible examples. So our goal for this year is to try a little harder with him being on his leash around people and DUCKS!! He was everywhere. And loved every minute of it. 

 He surprisingly never went in to the water, but he got a couple of sips from it. But sadly, I have a confession. Everytime you go to the park, you see that crazy lady with a big dog whose dragging her everywhere. :( That was us... Okay, okay.. Maybe not that bad, but I do have some training to do on that leash, because his excitement and my commands did not meet the same level of importance in his mind, and he tried to show me where to go a few times. :) But, he for him to be one, and that be my complaint, Ill take it.
We would like to introduce everyone to a new member of our growing family.. BELLE!! 

She is a pit bull mix, and she is a sweetheart. She is approximately four months old. The family we got her from rescued her. She was thrown from a car window as a puppy, had no teeth, and was left to fin for her own. But they have had to relocate and could not take her. So, to promise her a happy home and to make sure she didnt end up in the wrong hands or the pound, we have taken her as our own.

We let them meet before making any decisions, and right away playing began. Which was great, because sadly most dogs dont like Tripp, mostly because he is way bigger than them. But Belle on the other hand, has worn him out a few times. We are thoroughly pleased how happy they seem to be and how well they play together. Tripp is our man, and the main concern was to make sure that he was happy and that he would be able to adjust.

 We are excited about the growth and we look forward to them keeping each other company. Because Tripp has needed a companion and I have wanted a girl to spoil!! So, stay posted, and well be posting more soon!! Life with two dogs is something new for us, but something we are looking forward to experiencing.

Its been hard trying to get a picture of her face.

But, luckily, I managed to get these. Enjoy!! And we will keep you posted on our new life with a bigger family!! :)