Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Blogging A little Simpler

FYI, my keyboard is on the fritz, so if I am missing some Ns, I apologize in advance!! :)

Have you heard about Bloglovin'? I know that Blogger is a fantastic host for us bloggers, and allows us to see the feed of those we follow, but Bloglovin allows you to do the same. Except, those bloggers who make you subscribe instead of merely just follow, this site can help you organize those without them filling up your inbox. I put all of the random blogs that may be useful and creative on this feed, and I am emailed with a daily feed for any new posts. It is a much simpler way to organize the blogs that you follow!! It is superb!!! Check it out.. .Bella loves it.. She wandered over to my computer the first chance she got.. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Dogs on the Bed

After getting Belle, we decided two big dogs on and off the furniture any time they please was too much for our furniture to handle. But, as I spent yesterday in the bed, working on my resume and spending the rainy day being absolutely LAZY.. I had my three children in there too.. Serenity, Tripp, and Belle. As you can see, they assumed that since it was declared to be a lazy, stay in the bed day, that included them as well..

But, as you can see, Tripp didn't let Belle back on the bed, once she got off.. I think he just decided to give her a tough time. She doesnt jump like he does, she has to climb. And he would start playing with her and she couldnt get up.. What a meanie!! But, it was quite fun to watch.. The rule still applies about no dogs on the bed, but they got to have a one day pass yesterday!! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


I think I may quite possibly be the HAPPIEST graduate out of all Memphis graduates Saturday. I got to walk in front of thousands of people in the FEDEX forum (home of the Grizzlies), and spend time with my family, on Beale Street and at my pool party (which I was of course fabulously late for). Not only was it Cinco de Mayo, and those of you who love history know that is when America helped Mexico defeat the French, and that deserves celebration. I grauated college and I honesetly never thought that I would make it. But, there is one more secret too.....

Well, he is the one that has swept me off of my feet, and he has been a fantastic father to our daughter, and the best supporter of my dreams of going to school... I guess he realizes that I am a good investment for a wife... :)

Because right there at the party, in front of all of our family and friends, he asked me to spend forever with him... I have a video I will post a later time, but when I was asked to let down the banner I thought it was a trick to be thrown into the pool, expecting congrats, or a variety of embarrassing baby photos, I see WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!
I stood in silence for at least a minute, which when a crowd is gazing upon your every move feels like an eternity, then he looked at me and asked "Well, what do you say?"
I yelled with all of my might "YESSS!!!!"

Then, to my surprise, I was right, I was thrown into the pool.... :)

So, needless to say, shots were going around like CRAZY to celebrate two HUGE moments in my life....

My grandma just wanted a picture with the shot, she did chicken out, however, the picture is AHMAZING just because she was a trooper!!!

So, I am officially a graduate and fiance, and the HAPPIEST person in the world. . I hope that all of you enjoyed the weekend as much as we had, because it was truly truly a dream come true for me...