Friday, July 13, 2012

Always Guilty

Always Guilty...
The funny thing about the automatic assumption that my dogs are evil because of their breed is something that has always floored me. How can all pit bulls be classified because some have been raised poorly, or dropped off in the wild with no choice other than to attack another animal for food. But not all of them are evil. Take Bella and Tripp for instance! Tripp is a water freak... If it is not fresh cold water, he will not drink it. Bella doesnt care, as long as it is wet. Tripp is all boy and loves the outdoors. Bella wants to come in after a little running, because she doesnt want to get hot. Tripp runs into the water streaming from the water hose, and Bella will run for her life because she thinks that its not fun.. Tripp loves the bathtub so much, he has gotten in the shower with me (more times in his life than I would like to admit), where as Bella does not want me to drip on her. My dogs are so different, yet they are both pit bulls! If they are all evil, and all going to kill their owner eventually, wouldnt they be alike in any and all other manners? I would go with probably so. My dogs are my family. They are sweet. Bella will lick your freckles off and Tripp will play until he wears everyone else out and then some. My dogs aren't going to hurt anyone. They are welcoming, and fun. They listen (most of the time). The only times they are even close to dangerous are when they are left alone. And that is only because seperation is killer for Tripp.. NO TOYS ARE SAFE... :)
Yes, I own TWO pitbulls. But, they are going against stereotypes, and because of that, I can proudly write blog posts and try to share my babies with the world. Adopting Tripp into our family has inspired us to prove a point and try to show everyone that pit bulls are brilliant and loyal animals and they deserve a chance and they do not deserve being banned in cities.We make a point to talk about them to everyone because by doing that, we have a chance to change a mind. We take them with us whenever  and where ever we can, because their good behavior can change someones mind. Its time that people see them for who they are and can be, and quit seeing them as those defensless dogs that are brainwashed into being tough and vicious creatures, because those dogs may stand out and may set the stereotypes, but as a responsible pit owner, we can change the world!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Independence Day to all fellow bloggers. Wednesday I learned a very valuable lesson. One that made me very sad and showed the true colors of some people in regards to my dog. But it has motivated me to return to the original reason I wanted to start this blog. Tripp and Bella are like our children. Heck, I feel a little guilty because I have a blog on my dogs and not one just for my child, that is why I must include her in a lot of my posts. :) But, for Independence Day we went to a party that my uncle was having. We had 20 kids under the age of 10 and about 20 adults. We took Tripp, our male pit, with us because we take him everywhere with us. Of course he was on his leash with us at the party, because he had just gotten there and we didnt want him over excited with all of the people and the other dog that was there.  My aunt had her dog there as well, which was no big deal, because ever since we've had him, he has been around her when they visit. She has come to our house, and we have taken them to other family members houses together. This dog is a little taller than ours, but ours is all muscle. As soon as we get there, her dog attacked ours. We told them to stop and removed her dog from ours (not even mad that he had been attacked), Tripp had a little scratch, and I asked Jamie to take him to the house, just so we can go about the day. But, before they had a chance to leave the driveway, I was told that I did not know what my dog was capable of doing. Dolly, my aunt's dog, was protecting herself from him because he is a pit bull and therefore, he is going to kill anything, anytime he wants. WHAT?? A dog just attacked my baby and it was my fault that my dog didnt fight back, but could have if he wanted to? The situation escalated, and of course I played a momma bear who would fight to the death in order to protect her cub. We left, and our feelings are hurt. See, we work hard with keeping our dogs socialized. They make terrible guard dogs because they see everyone as friends. They greet all people who come to our house, or who see on our walks with licks and sits, not with growls or bites. I was finally coming around to believe that people were starting to become open minded because of seeing our dogs. But, truth be told, nothing had changed. In fact, we are a target of criticism because of our animals, who we consider apart of our family.
I have said it once, and I will continue to say it. These are not the faces of evil. These are faces of loyality and love. There is no doubt that these dogs have a reputation, but just because you see an Asian rob a McDonalds, it doesn't mean that all Asians are evil doers. And just because previous Pit Bull owners didn't take the role of being a parent to these creatures seriously doesnt mean that they are all bred to fight or that they will eventually turn on you. Its interesting how we are sure to hear about the news of a pit bull mauling someone, but we never hear about those who lived 15 years with the same owner, who loved them and considered them family that has never been attacked. Isnt it funny how main stream media picks and chooses the stories that are "worth" hearing? They are painting a picture for civilization, and it isn't an honest one!! These dogs are MY family, and they deserve a chance, not to be hated just because they are born into a breed whose reputation is less than perfect! But, thanks to this incidence a fire has been fueled and I will continue to fight and represent these animals in an honest and accurate light from the experience of my two "automatically guilty" pits.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Blogging A little Simpler

FYI, my keyboard is on the fritz, so if I am missing some Ns, I apologize in advance!! :)

Have you heard about Bloglovin'? I know that Blogger is a fantastic host for us bloggers, and allows us to see the feed of those we follow, but Bloglovin allows you to do the same. Except, those bloggers who make you subscribe instead of merely just follow, this site can help you organize those without them filling up your inbox. I put all of the random blogs that may be useful and creative on this feed, and I am emailed with a daily feed for any new posts. It is a much simpler way to organize the blogs that you follow!! It is superb!!! Check it out.. .Bella loves it.. She wandered over to my computer the first chance she got.. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Dogs on the Bed

After getting Belle, we decided two big dogs on and off the furniture any time they please was too much for our furniture to handle. But, as I spent yesterday in the bed, working on my resume and spending the rainy day being absolutely LAZY.. I had my three children in there too.. Serenity, Tripp, and Belle. As you can see, they assumed that since it was declared to be a lazy, stay in the bed day, that included them as well..

But, as you can see, Tripp didn't let Belle back on the bed, once she got off.. I think he just decided to give her a tough time. She doesnt jump like he does, she has to climb. And he would start playing with her and she couldnt get up.. What a meanie!! But, it was quite fun to watch.. The rule still applies about no dogs on the bed, but they got to have a one day pass yesterday!! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


I think I may quite possibly be the HAPPIEST graduate out of all Memphis graduates Saturday. I got to walk in front of thousands of people in the FEDEX forum (home of the Grizzlies), and spend time with my family, on Beale Street and at my pool party (which I was of course fabulously late for). Not only was it Cinco de Mayo, and those of you who love history know that is when America helped Mexico defeat the French, and that deserves celebration. I grauated college and I honesetly never thought that I would make it. But, there is one more secret too.....

Well, he is the one that has swept me off of my feet, and he has been a fantastic father to our daughter, and the best supporter of my dreams of going to school... I guess he realizes that I am a good investment for a wife... :)

Because right there at the party, in front of all of our family and friends, he asked me to spend forever with him... I have a video I will post a later time, but when I was asked to let down the banner I thought it was a trick to be thrown into the pool, expecting congrats, or a variety of embarrassing baby photos, I see WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!
I stood in silence for at least a minute, which when a crowd is gazing upon your every move feels like an eternity, then he looked at me and asked "Well, what do you say?"
I yelled with all of my might "YESSS!!!!"

Then, to my surprise, I was right, I was thrown into the pool.... :)

So, needless to say, shots were going around like CRAZY to celebrate two HUGE moments in my life....

My grandma just wanted a picture with the shot, she did chicken out, however, the picture is AHMAZING just because she was a trooper!!!

So, I am officially a graduate and fiance, and the HAPPIEST person in the world. . I hope that all of you enjoyed the weekend as much as we had, because it was truly truly a dream come true for me...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day Two without School

So being busy every day for the last several years with school, a child, and dogs has been CRAZY busy!! But, now that school is gone.. What did I do??? I spent WAY too much money...
New Curling Iron..
Toys for Serenity...

Other than being cute.. .What do I have to show for it?? :) Lol..  I think I miss school already!!

But, to catch up, here is a small synopsis about the family...

Usually, Tripp thinks of Belle has his play toy.. He will sit on her, bite her, anything to just be mean to her (kind of like a typical little boy) :)But, she got him during nap timp.. He let out a small snarl, and went right back to sleep.. I guess all the fun that we had outside earlier this day had him too busy to care that her large behind was sitting directly on top of him!! :) So, needless to say, I just had to get a picture of it, because this is epic for their relationship.. Lol.

Tripp is still handsome as ever.. See this blueish black circle on his head?? Well, he decided to try to break the door down in his room one day because we were at the hospital and he was in there longer than normal. We figure he must have heard something, but we found him bloodied up, and had to take him to get stitches.. He is still so adorable, scars and all.. I like to think he just has a bad boy look to him now, instead of just that cute innocent pup look!! :) Ha..

And Belle, well lets just face it, who couldn't love this girl?? I love this photo and the background with her little paw showing.. She is so ladylike....

And Serenity is growing up.. .She thinks that she is a princess.. My favorite line... Mommy a Princess doesnt do that!!! Ha.. I do not know where she got it from, but I wouldnt change my girly girl princess for the world...

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been away for so long! I feel silly for apologizing to an audience, but since I have neglected the few that have enjoyed this blog, I feel it is necessary before writing why I am back. I've been absent from blogging because it was my last semester in college, and TODAY is my first official day off. So I am done!! Graduation next Saturday, and I am looking forward to this.. For those of you who have been following my blog, you will see some drastic changes coming. This blog isn't going to be dedicated to just my pittie family, but just life in General. But don't let that fool you, its still going to have a lot to do with my pups, because I like to talk about them ALOT. Im that crazy parent who brags about her kid because she thinks they are better than your kids when it comes to my dogs!! Even though, God knows, my dogs are possessed sometimes.. Especially Tripp.. Belle however is an Angel.. So I guess she evens him out!! :) Ill be back soon with more... A lot has happened. My baby girl has turned four years old )on Monday April 23), I will graduate on May 5 (WHOOT) and who knows what is going to happen next, but if you guys come here often enough, it seems we shall find out together!! Hope everyone is having a happy Thursday, because mine is pretty swell so far!!