Friday, July 13, 2012

Always Guilty

Always Guilty...
The funny thing about the automatic assumption that my dogs are evil because of their breed is something that has always floored me. How can all pit bulls be classified because some have been raised poorly, or dropped off in the wild with no choice other than to attack another animal for food. But not all of them are evil. Take Bella and Tripp for instance! Tripp is a water freak... If it is not fresh cold water, he will not drink it. Bella doesnt care, as long as it is wet. Tripp is all boy and loves the outdoors. Bella wants to come in after a little running, because she doesnt want to get hot. Tripp runs into the water streaming from the water hose, and Bella will run for her life because she thinks that its not fun.. Tripp loves the bathtub so much, he has gotten in the shower with me (more times in his life than I would like to admit), where as Bella does not want me to drip on her. My dogs are so different, yet they are both pit bulls! If they are all evil, and all going to kill their owner eventually, wouldnt they be alike in any and all other manners? I would go with probably so. My dogs are my family. They are sweet. Bella will lick your freckles off and Tripp will play until he wears everyone else out and then some. My dogs aren't going to hurt anyone. They are welcoming, and fun. They listen (most of the time). The only times they are even close to dangerous are when they are left alone. And that is only because seperation is killer for Tripp.. NO TOYS ARE SAFE... :)
Yes, I own TWO pitbulls. But, they are going against stereotypes, and because of that, I can proudly write blog posts and try to share my babies with the world. Adopting Tripp into our family has inspired us to prove a point and try to show everyone that pit bulls are brilliant and loyal animals and they deserve a chance and they do not deserve being banned in cities.We make a point to talk about them to everyone because by doing that, we have a chance to change a mind. We take them with us whenever  and where ever we can, because their good behavior can change someones mind. Its time that people see them for who they are and can be, and quit seeing them as those defensless dogs that are brainwashed into being tough and vicious creatures, because those dogs may stand out and may set the stereotypes, but as a responsible pit owner, we can change the world!!

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