Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tripp's First Encounter with Christmas Decorations

 Can you find my dog?? We started blowing up our inflatable Mickey to see how he looked after we bought him, and we can hear Tripp, but we can't find him??


I hope that you all enjoy these pictures and videos, as we enjoyed getting them on camera. Tripp brings laughter into our lives and we love how we can share them with the world. I find these quite funny, especially since Pit Bulls have such a terrible reputation as to being terrorizing monsters that will eat you in a heart beat. We have captured actual footage of a Pit Bull being SCARED! He growls at the inflatable Mickey, but he wont dare go near it. :) Enjoy the Holidays, because we are already enjoying ours!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am Saying it, Because Someone Needs to.

We had to rake leaves this past weekend. Not that it did any good because they have all reappeared in our yard. But between Trip and Serenity, the work was worth it. We all played in the leaves and had a blast!!! Unfortunatly, I heard in the news today some more hype about Pit Bulls, and how they are all doomed to be awful and vicious creatures, and should be destroyed. CLICK HERE TO READ Obviously, some pit bulls got out and slaughtered 42 goats. Which is awful, and chances are they were probably starving, and they destroyed these creatures. There is no denying the strength that these animals possess, but there is no need for breed descrimination. Just because the dog is pit bull doesnt mean that it is predestined to destroy herds of goats.
I put this link to this story up here, not to spread the word of the story but to show you the comments that the story held

"Another grotesque example that shows us why pit bulls should be banned--eliminated. Either that or the name of the breed should be changed... to "fairy princess". No one would want to own a dog that, when asked "What kind of dog is it?", you would have to answer "Oh, it's a fairy princess." That wiould put a quick end to the their popularity among the idiots who believe the lie that "they are good dogs."

Awful comments like this are a pattern on this news page. Eliminate the whole population of pit bulls because these starving dogs got a hold of some goats? Now, I am not excusing them, or saying these particular dogs are good. But that does not mean that every pit bull in the world is going to go and destroy herds of animals, or kill people. I have met people in this world that are cruel, there are murders who have slaughtered families who are back in the world, there are rapists and abusers who are put in the spotlight as athletes who are supposed to be our childrens rolemodels. That doesnt mean that we should destroy Humans because of a few bad apples.

This is not a killer..

This is an animal who has been trained to not jump on people, to open doors, to sit, roll over, and play with a 3.5 year old gently. He is smart and he is fully aware that he is apart of our family. If an animal is raised properly, he will behave in a good manner. But, when a dog is let free to roam, or abandoned, or trained to be cruel, what do you expect from them????
You can't expect any animal in those types of conditions to be nice, and friendly. Dogs that are not domesticated are hunters, no matter the breed!! Just like wolves, tigers, lions. Its in their blood. But, dogs that are domesticated and treated right dont destroy their owners, and they do not go around destroying herds of goats. If you were out for days without food, would you pass by a herd of goats, and not eat them? No, we are hunters. Humans eat meat EVERYday, and they destroy animals EVERY day. We are allowed to treat dogs and cats, and goats, and pigs and cows and chickens as if they have no rights. We are horrible creatures that make other animals around us the terrible creatures that they are!! US!!! But, you dont see people standing around having chats and discussions about how each of us should destroy and demolish our kind.. Pits can not stand up for themselves. They can not speak, they can not defeat humans who are going to unrightfully destroy their breed!!! SHAME ON YOU, IF YOU ARE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THESE ANIMALS. Take a good long hard look in the mirror, then turn the news on.. Who do you hear about more? Humans killing other humans and being cruel to animals, or animals being cruel to humans???
You are going to have bad apples in any breed of being that exists. 'You dont see a teacup chiuaua in the news for destroying herds of goats' (because they are only 2 pounds). Giving these kinds of excuses to try and make up for the destruction of a beautiful and strong breed is unintelligent, and only makes the person saying it look like a complete fool. Please educate yourselves before destroying a kind of dog that can ultimately be the best companions a person and family can ask for. And yes, some people do Buy these Dogs or breed them because of their name, but those are the people who are responsible for the reputation that they hold. Not all dogs are the same, and the breed of a dog isn't what makes their actions, just like the color of our skin doesnt determine whether we will be criminals or doctors. Breed discrimination is NO different than Racism. Dont let that thought leave you. Because that is the Honest Truth, and it needs to be said. .Racism is wrong, and discriminating against an animal for its name is Wrong.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Short Story

Ace Hardware and the Lost Pit <<=== Link to a great blog with the real story )

Today isn't a blog about my smart dog, or me being mad at him for chewing something up. No, today is the day that I am going to spread the word about a Pit Bull who was killed due to his breed. In Detroit, if it looks like a pit, barks like a pit, then it must be a pit bull. If animal control is called to pick one up they will not transfer it to a shelter, or take it to a vet to get it looked at if it needs it. They give the owner 4 days to claim the animal, or its over. Big cities everywhere will admit to the overabundance to Pits in their shelters. But at least Memphis is trying to give these dogs a chance. Cities like Detroit are just letting these dogs wrot and die slowly if someone doesnt claim them in time. This is legal?? I am afraid so. My heart goes out to these animals. They are bred by people who may or may not have good intentions, then they grow their entire lives being feared by most people who come around them, most of them are abused by their 'masters', and when they are lost they are not treated like a breathing creature, or something capable of feelings. They are just left to sit and wait, and eventually die. .This is a disgrace. Something must be done. We need to stand up against these TERRIBLE crimes. There should be laws in place to PROTECT EVERY BREED. There should not be an exclusion of Pit Bulls, or anything that resembles a pit bull.
I know that dangerous fully grown pit bulls are put down if they are seen as a threat to society. I can understand that, because that doesnt stop at just pits. That is for any dog. Any violent dog will be put down in shelters. But to not even give the dog a chance to try to live, or try to be adopted out. To let it suffer with its cuts and bruises, is inhumane and pitiful.

Is 'Ace' the Dog Still Alive?:
">Video of Detroit's Fox News
Its sad isn't it? A dog wondered into a store, the man tried to do the right thing by calling animal control, only to find out that he is scheduled to be Euthenized. I believe the euthenization has happened, but it is sad to know that he didn't even stand a chance, even with people rallying up to save him. This must be stopped. We must save the Pits, and create their new image.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Memphis' News Report about Pit Bulls

I actually avoided that channel the night I heard they were doing a special over Pit Bulls in Memphis. Becuase I figured that it would be the same old fallacies that all media feeds to the public. Pit bulls are evil, we should ban pit bulls, blah blah blah. But this one actually did not set me off, as it might have other pit bull lovers.
As you have probably guessed, I am aiming for recreating the image of the Pit Bull through my sweet pup. Like the Journalists said, pit bulls are the most feared and the most defended breed on the planet. I sat and chuckled to myself, because I will be the first to defend the defamation of this animal. It is the lack of responsibility of the owners in the past and the present. But if we educate people to not fear these dogs, and to even raise them and socialize them to be apart of our community we could literally change the world.
This is my baby. He is more than just a status symbol. I dont care about his size or his build, he makes me feel safe, and he is easy to train. I want to raise a lot more Pit Bulls just so I can show that I didn't just get lucky with him. Not breed them, but SAVE them. Pit bulls are a respectful breed, they want to please their master and are actually fantastic with people of all ages as long as they are used to seeing new people, they are friendly with strangers. The only thing that people fear about my dog is the fact that he is a pit. That is being predjudice, and it is time that people start looking past the media to see the dogs that are trained correctly. And instead of banning this breed, try to recreate the breed. 80% of the dogs taken to the Animal Shelter in Memphis are Pit Bulls, and according to the vet there, almost none of them will make it out alive. For an 8 month period this year over 380 pit bulls have been euthenized. That means over a third of the animals that have been euthenized in Memphis have been Pit Bulls. In a couple of cities near me, one has banned pit bulls altogether, and one has insurance laws and microchipping laws. Not only the dogs are being punished by the owners as well.

So I ask you all, any one who comes across this site, or reads it often, I want to challenge you to get a pitbull. If you can not devote the time due to a full schedule or a full load of animals already, just become an advocate for them. Share the word with other people that Pit Bulls deserve to rebuild their reputations. And lets save this helpless breed that wants to love as much as it wants love.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Strawberry Shortcake
Our daughter dressed as Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween this year. This is something that she picked out, because Strawberry is one of her favorites to watch on Television. We took Tripp with us Trick or Treating, although he had no costume. :( I know what your thinking.. She dresses up her dog? Not typically, but I wanted him to join in on the fun, and get the attention he deserved. We had no fowl comments made, a few kids wanted to pet him, and an elderly lady came out of her house to play with him. This made me smile, because most people act like Pit Bulls are very frightening. But we had him on a leash, and he was pretty well behaved considering the fact that we don't normally have him on a leash. He just wanted to walk a little bit faster than we wanted to, but when we stopped at houses, he would just sit down and wait patiently. It really was amazing. He has never been around that many people before, and so I was very pleased that he behaved so well. I wanted to share it because I know people are not always treated nicely walking around with a pitbull especially with children around. But he was the life of the party for the most part, and no one expressed fead. Thank Goodness. With that being said, I have unfortunate news....


This is Tripp Today. PUNISHED. THE BAD!!!
If Jamie and I try to spend any time together when we have time (The spare time outside of work, school, homework, our daughter, and our second child Tripp) Tripp gets uber jealous. Its not just trying to sit in between us if we sit next to each other, or lay on top of us because there is no room on the couch, he wants to be the center of our attention when we want to spend time with each other. Last night, we kicked him out of the room because he wouldn't lay at the foot of the bed. I woke up this morning to find a whole bag of my daughter's stuff and her new robotic play dog was outside. Whatever wasn't destroyed was covered in mud beyond belief. This is him being punished, being locked in his cage, with the toys in front of him. When I brought them in, he knew what was about to happen. But since we do not believe in whooping him unless its completely necessary, the lock up is the next best thing. I put the toys in front of him so he knows exactly why he is in there. I wont lock him up too long. I just think that it is necessary that he knows what he did is wrong.

We know he has seperation anxiety, but this has got to stop. Has anyone else had experience with their puppies having this anxiety? Any advice would be great. But these challenges won't stop us from loving him. :)