Monday, November 7, 2011

Memphis' News Report about Pit Bulls

I actually avoided that channel the night I heard they were doing a special over Pit Bulls in Memphis. Becuase I figured that it would be the same old fallacies that all media feeds to the public. Pit bulls are evil, we should ban pit bulls, blah blah blah. But this one actually did not set me off, as it might have other pit bull lovers.
As you have probably guessed, I am aiming for recreating the image of the Pit Bull through my sweet pup. Like the Journalists said, pit bulls are the most feared and the most defended breed on the planet. I sat and chuckled to myself, because I will be the first to defend the defamation of this animal. It is the lack of responsibility of the owners in the past and the present. But if we educate people to not fear these dogs, and to even raise them and socialize them to be apart of our community we could literally change the world.
This is my baby. He is more than just a status symbol. I dont care about his size or his build, he makes me feel safe, and he is easy to train. I want to raise a lot more Pit Bulls just so I can show that I didn't just get lucky with him. Not breed them, but SAVE them. Pit bulls are a respectful breed, they want to please their master and are actually fantastic with people of all ages as long as they are used to seeing new people, they are friendly with strangers. The only thing that people fear about my dog is the fact that he is a pit. That is being predjudice, and it is time that people start looking past the media to see the dogs that are trained correctly. And instead of banning this breed, try to recreate the breed. 80% of the dogs taken to the Animal Shelter in Memphis are Pit Bulls, and according to the vet there, almost none of them will make it out alive. For an 8 month period this year over 380 pit bulls have been euthenized. That means over a third of the animals that have been euthenized in Memphis have been Pit Bulls. In a couple of cities near me, one has banned pit bulls altogether, and one has insurance laws and microchipping laws. Not only the dogs are being punished by the owners as well.

So I ask you all, any one who comes across this site, or reads it often, I want to challenge you to get a pitbull. If you can not devote the time due to a full schedule or a full load of animals already, just become an advocate for them. Share the word with other people that Pit Bulls deserve to rebuild their reputations. And lets save this helpless breed that wants to love as much as it wants love.


Two Pitties in the City said...

My family lives in Memphis, and we know that almost all the news reports focus on the negative aspects of pitbulls. We actually started our blog as a way to show my Dad that we weren't crazy for adopting our 2 pitbulls. The sad thing is that even though my parents have met our guys, and agree their nice dogs, they admit that they hear so many bad things in the news all the time, that they are still hesitant and would not own their own pitbull.

Kimberley said...

Well I guess that I can admit that my target audience of the blog is probably young adults. Because older people who have these fears of this dog are going to be way harder to convience. But, I can say my mother is 50 years old, and she loves my dog. She was so angry with us for getting this dog, and then as much as she tried to resist, she fell in love with him. My grandmother is 70 years old, and she doesnt like him. Or so she says, because I see her sneaking him love when she is over to my house, she just doesnt trust to be alone with him. But, I just hate to know that we can crucify these dogs and allow them to die. I hate to know people are okay with letting a creature who have no chance of defending themselves die.
Good luck with people accepting you and your dogs. I have seen them on your blog and they seem great. And I admire that you have saved them, and have tried to let the world know who they are. And I hope your parents come around. I know they will sooner or later, whether they admit it or not.

meowmeowmans said...

Thank you for this post. Pitbulls are the most amazing and wonderful dogs. We've known so MANY, and the bad rap they get is so unfair!