Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tripp's First Encounter with Christmas Decorations

 Can you find my dog?? We started blowing up our inflatable Mickey to see how he looked after we bought him, and we can hear Tripp, but we can't find him??


I hope that you all enjoy these pictures and videos, as we enjoyed getting them on camera. Tripp brings laughter into our lives and we love how we can share them with the world. I find these quite funny, especially since Pit Bulls have such a terrible reputation as to being terrorizing monsters that will eat you in a heart beat. We have captured actual footage of a Pit Bull being SCARED! He growls at the inflatable Mickey, but he wont dare go near it. :) Enjoy the Holidays, because we are already enjoying ours!!!


Ali said...

Ah! So cute! Barley did the same thing when we brought a big decorative santa into the house... then he sloowwwly walked up and sniffed, then backed away... then sniffed.

Too funny! I love watching their reaction to new things!

Glad we found your blog!

Barley & Ali

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yes, they are silly little things capable of fear and love and friendship and everything any dog is capable of! But to me they are in a class by themselves with respect to only one thing: physical affection! When I'm buried in cuddly hot pit bulls it is often hard to extricate myself--they just can't get enough.

Glad Tripp is getting into the holiday spirit--those blow-up Santas take some getting used to!

meowmeowmans said...

That was so cute! We bet Tripp will get used to that blow up Mickey Claus in no time. :)