Friday, November 11, 2011

A Short Story

Ace Hardware and the Lost Pit <<=== Link to a great blog with the real story )

Today isn't a blog about my smart dog, or me being mad at him for chewing something up. No, today is the day that I am going to spread the word about a Pit Bull who was killed due to his breed. In Detroit, if it looks like a pit, barks like a pit, then it must be a pit bull. If animal control is called to pick one up they will not transfer it to a shelter, or take it to a vet to get it looked at if it needs it. They give the owner 4 days to claim the animal, or its over. Big cities everywhere will admit to the overabundance to Pits in their shelters. But at least Memphis is trying to give these dogs a chance. Cities like Detroit are just letting these dogs wrot and die slowly if someone doesnt claim them in time. This is legal?? I am afraid so. My heart goes out to these animals. They are bred by people who may or may not have good intentions, then they grow their entire lives being feared by most people who come around them, most of them are abused by their 'masters', and when they are lost they are not treated like a breathing creature, or something capable of feelings. They are just left to sit and wait, and eventually die. .This is a disgrace. Something must be done. We need to stand up against these TERRIBLE crimes. There should be laws in place to PROTECT EVERY BREED. There should not be an exclusion of Pit Bulls, or anything that resembles a pit bull.
I know that dangerous fully grown pit bulls are put down if they are seen as a threat to society. I can understand that, because that doesnt stop at just pits. That is for any dog. Any violent dog will be put down in shelters. But to not even give the dog a chance to try to live, or try to be adopted out. To let it suffer with its cuts and bruises, is inhumane and pitiful.

Is 'Ace' the Dog Still Alive?:
">Video of Detroit's Fox News
Its sad isn't it? A dog wondered into a store, the man tried to do the right thing by calling animal control, only to find out that he is scheduled to be Euthenized. I believe the euthenization has happened, but it is sad to know that he didn't even stand a chance, even with people rallying up to save him. This must be stopped. We must save the Pits, and create their new image.


meowmeowmans said...

OMG, that is so horrible. Breed specific legislation is so misguided and unfair, and just perpetuates the terrible reputation these wonderful dogs have been saddled with. Thank you for standing up for Pits.

Kimberley said...

Yes, it is awful. Any kind of discrimination is wrong. Not caring about the life of a breathing living thing whether human, dog, or cat is Disgusting. Its sad that we are allowed to discriminate against these beautiful dogs.