Monday, December 5, 2011

Tripp's Big Trip

Another story about my wonderful dog and pictures to go with it. We have really enjoyed our weekend and it means to world to share it with the rest of the earth. Enjoy..


It rained most of this weekend in the Memphis area. We were once again rained on in the middle of hanging up our outdoor Christmas decor. We stopped at the gas station and Tripp has an infatuation with the Drivers seat in our truck. He loves to ride in vehicles, we always have the window rolled down, and like a typical dog, he will hang his head out. I love to see him in the car, because you can tell how happy he is to get out of the normal routine around the house.

We have been unable to take him to Petco the last few times that we went, because we were going for longer than just a stop at the pet store. Yesterday, when we took him, we realized just how much he has grown since we've last had to put him on his leash. Our dog weighs almost as much we do, and he is pretty darn muscular. We have been hunting online for harnesses, but have been so worried with which ones to buy. I didnt want anything cheap, because I wanted it to work. And my better half didnt want the expensive one that I had picked out. So, while at Petco, our usual lady came to help us, and I asked her for No Pull harnesses, thinking there would be no way they would have what I had wanted. And lo and behold... For only 19.99, a No Pull Large Dog Harness.. Thank you PETCO!!! We ofcourse had to test it out, and walked around PETCO with it on for the rest of our visit.
It was Perfect.

While looking through all of the harnesses, Tripp was ready to take a break. So he sprawled out in the middle of the isle, and the attention he was getting was funny to watch. Everyone stopped to tell us what a beautiful dog we had, and a lot of people stopped to pet him. But some people were too afraid to go too close due to his big size. But, no evil looks and no ugly words, we were greeted with open arms. And this is why I LOVE ANIMAL LOVERS!!!!

Our Trip wore Tripp out, and the cold rainy day had us all wanting to get in front of the heater. But, due to our 75 pound dog, there was only enough heat for him.. :) This is his permanent winter spot, and for some reason it doesnt get old, it remains to be cute. And he likes it so much, he doesnt mind to perk up and take a picture to share with the world. Now I have a new bribery tool!! :) Isnt it funny how our animals are like your adopted children??


Bowie said...

So glad to see Tripp enjoying his trip out! Please be careful with his safety in the car with rolled down window though. I worry he might jump out if something triggered him :P

Two Pitties in the City said...

He is so handsome, I can see why he gets so many compliments! We always say our Mr B is like a little boy's funny how goofy they all are.

Kimberley said...

Bowie, thanks for the concerns. I have actually had experience with a dog jumping out of a moving vehicle when I was a kid. SUPER SCAREY!! Thats why I dont let him ride in the bed of the truck. But he is actually a very calm puppy. He sticks no more than his face out, all paws remain inside the truck while moving. Nothing really triggers him to get too hyper. He doesnt bark or growl at people, he is a terrible guard dog, but a perfect best friend. :)

And 2 pitties, Thank you. It is funny how humanly they act. They pick up on our habits for sure.. SPOILED ROTTEN!

meowmeowmans said...

Tripp is just adorable. We can see why everyone loved on him so much at Petco! :)

Kimberley said...

:) Thank you. He has stolen our heart for sure!