Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We have been looking forward to spending our first Christmas with our pittie. It was also his very first birthday. He didnt know what was going on when we started putting up decorations and when he got in trouble for chewing up stuff (presents) laying by the tree. But, we have overcome our troubles wiht his unruley chewing by giving him his very own bedroom. You wouldnt believe what a difference in this family member we have seen. He loves it. I clean, put his toys up, and one by one, he makes a trail back to the living room... :)

Tripp was more than anxious to dig into his stash that Santa Clause brought to him. I had to beg him for like fifteen minutes just to sit down long enough to take a picture. I was happy his was excited, but I was about to tackle him just so I could take his picture next to his stash. He also got a huge bed for Christmas, but since we had to give him his own room, we gave that to him early.

Another HUGE hit was Chicken Jerky. I have never seen him react to his treats like he has with these. They smell like Chicken, and he seems to LOVE them. So we give them TWO thumbs up.. After such a success, I looked up their website, CLICK HERE all of their products are REAL, from the jerky, to the sausage, to the meatballs, and I found comfort that they are pet lovers and parents as well. So, definitely a must have for all pet owners. It is a brand we have actually been 100% pleased with!!

And Tripp's FAVORITE treat from Santa was this Enormous Flavorful Bone!! YUMMY!! He is still chewing on it now. He has a dog door to let him self in and out of the door whenever he pleases, and when we let him take it out of the stocking he went running to take it outside (Thats usually where he takes his yummy ones), and before we could get him to stop, he was stuck. All that we could hear was the banging of his consistency to try and get out of his door. But this large bone is not small enough to fit out of his Extra Large dog door. But, thats good for us, because maybe he will actually enjoy this bone instead of just going to bury it. And of course after Christmas dinner we brought the Ham bone home for him, but he hid from me and would not let me take a picture.. :( But, thats okay, I know he thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it while it lasted.. And it did not last too long!!


I originally attempted this trick with making him hold it on his nose before getting it. But that has been a real challenge!! He has let me do it once, and has allowed Jamie to do it once to him. But now he moves his head around so we can not put it on his nose. I GUESS THE SMELL IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE!!! :) But, he has mastered letting us put his treats on his hands and not going after them unless he is told to. And we have been impressed. We have put two at a time on each paw and he sits there like a champ. He wont let his eyes leave my face because he knows that when I say 'GET IT,' it means that it is time for him to devour his snacks. Normally I just get "Ge.." out of my mouth and they are already in his mouth!! :) My little boy makes me so happy. He is so smart.. We love learning new tricks because he knows that means snacks everyday and each time we have visitors.. So, he is pretty easy to convience when it comes to the importance of him learning new tricks..

We hope that you all had a very merry Christmas as we had.. We enjoyed ourselves, and Tripp was spoiled by everyone that saw him.. So, with a shake of our tails, have a WONDERFUL REST OF THE YEAR!!! Our new years resolution is to quit using my phone for pictures of Tripp, and use my camera I made my boyfriend buy for me!! :) 


Brenda said...

Awww Tripp is such an awesome furbaby! I'm so glad he found a forever home. My Titan LOVES Milo Kitchen treats, especially the MEATBALLS! nom nom nom

Happy Holidays from me and Titan!

meowmeowmans said...

Tripp is such a great ambassador for pitties! And you are awesome for sharing your wonderful life with all of us. It is a true glimpse of what the breed really is about (and that is a GREAT thing)! :)

Emily said...

You have a good looking guy there! My kids love jerkey too, but we give them duck jerkey-- it's the big favorite at our house!