Saturday, December 17, 2011

How do you train a dog to know to leave your stuff alone?

My dog has gone on a destructive path this week. I am not quite sure why. So, I did what I thought I had to do and I started making calls to find him a new home that would treat him like we would. And I had three different takers, one with over two acres of fenced in land. Sounds perfect!! But, as the tears came, I realized I couldnt get rid of Trip. He is still a fantastic dog in every sense of the word, except when it comes with him messing with stuff that is not his. There are presents out now that arent usually around. Have you had this problem with your dog?? And what did you do?
Someone said use Hot Sauce, but I dont want to dose my presents with hot sauce. I just need advice because my heart wont allow me to give him away. He is apart of our family, and we will figure something out. But any and all advice would be great. Thank you dearly.


Two Pitties in the City said...

We have tried a couple of things that work...
1) Get bitter apple spray which is completely safe. When your dog goes to chew something he shouldn't, spray a bit in his both say "enough", then give something appropriate to chew and praise.

2) Is he crate trained when home alone? When you're home you can also use a 'tie down' so he has space in the house but is not getting into things.

3) We taught Mr. B not to destroy his stuffies doing this (but he is a really sensitive dog and that's why it worked):

H Ski said...

I have given you an award. Come over to my blog and get if you would like.

Stacy and Ellie said...

Hi there! Found you through The Circus Dog blog :)
I would suggest a crate as well! Then while you are home and can monitor, you can use a spray bottle whenever you catch bad behavior. It's also a good idea to fully exercise Tripp before leaving so that he's super tired, and then providing plenty of toys and things that he's *allowed* to chew on while you're gone.

Winnie said...

HI there

I've come across from Lola the Circus Dog's blog too.

I'm pretty good at not touching stuff. I've heard that providing plenty of mental stimulating toys and activities helps. Can't add any more suggestions than the good ones above from Two Pitties In the City. Sorry!

Happy to be following you.

Love and licks, Winnie