Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Dogs on the Bed

After getting Belle, we decided two big dogs on and off the furniture any time they please was too much for our furniture to handle. But, as I spent yesterday in the bed, working on my resume and spending the rainy day being absolutely LAZY.. I had my three children in there too.. Serenity, Tripp, and Belle. As you can see, they assumed that since it was declared to be a lazy, stay in the bed day, that included them as well..

But, as you can see, Tripp didn't let Belle back on the bed, once she got off.. I think he just decided to give her a tough time. She doesnt jump like he does, she has to climb. And he would start playing with her and she couldnt get up.. What a meanie!! But, it was quite fun to watch.. The rule still applies about no dogs on the bed, but they got to have a one day pass yesterday!! :)


Oskar said...

We have enough trouble trying to find room in the bed with my peeps, me, and 2 cats.

Nubbin wiggles,

Kimberly Zecchini said...

Ha.It is troublsome having extras in the bed..

Emily said...

We had a no dogs in the bed rule for awhile just because we would wake up sore from not being able to move from the extra 50-200 pounds of dog in the bed. Now it seems only one dog at a time wants in so we allow it. Your babies are cute!

Kimberly Zecchini said...

Well our two dogs and us in the bed with a little one on some nights is a challenge. That is why we implemented such a rule. I had broken them, and then we will let Tripp sneak up there and he thinks he is owner of the furniture again! :) Belle on the other hand is pretty mindful to not get on the bed, but sneaks on to the couch if no one is looking. But that is okay, as long as they arent tracking mud in from having such easy access to outside! She isnt a jumper like he is, so she doesnt mess with the bed too much unless we help her! LOL :)