Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Independence Day to all fellow bloggers. Wednesday I learned a very valuable lesson. One that made me very sad and showed the true colors of some people in regards to my dog. But it has motivated me to return to the original reason I wanted to start this blog. Tripp and Bella are like our children. Heck, I feel a little guilty because I have a blog on my dogs and not one just for my child, that is why I must include her in a lot of my posts. :) But, for Independence Day we went to a party that my uncle was having. We had 20 kids under the age of 10 and about 20 adults. We took Tripp, our male pit, with us because we take him everywhere with us. Of course he was on his leash with us at the party, because he had just gotten there and we didnt want him over excited with all of the people and the other dog that was there.  My aunt had her dog there as well, which was no big deal, because ever since we've had him, he has been around her when they visit. She has come to our house, and we have taken them to other family members houses together. This dog is a little taller than ours, but ours is all muscle. As soon as we get there, her dog attacked ours. We told them to stop and removed her dog from ours (not even mad that he had been attacked), Tripp had a little scratch, and I asked Jamie to take him to the house, just so we can go about the day. But, before they had a chance to leave the driveway, I was told that I did not know what my dog was capable of doing. Dolly, my aunt's dog, was protecting herself from him because he is a pit bull and therefore, he is going to kill anything, anytime he wants. WHAT?? A dog just attacked my baby and it was my fault that my dog didnt fight back, but could have if he wanted to? The situation escalated, and of course I played a momma bear who would fight to the death in order to protect her cub. We left, and our feelings are hurt. See, we work hard with keeping our dogs socialized. They make terrible guard dogs because they see everyone as friends. They greet all people who come to our house, or who see on our walks with licks and sits, not with growls or bites. I was finally coming around to believe that people were starting to become open minded because of seeing our dogs. But, truth be told, nothing had changed. In fact, we are a target of criticism because of our animals, who we consider apart of our family.
I have said it once, and I will continue to say it. These are not the faces of evil. These are faces of loyality and love. There is no doubt that these dogs have a reputation, but just because you see an Asian rob a McDonalds, it doesn't mean that all Asians are evil doers. And just because previous Pit Bull owners didn't take the role of being a parent to these creatures seriously doesnt mean that they are all bred to fight or that they will eventually turn on you. Its interesting how we are sure to hear about the news of a pit bull mauling someone, but we never hear about those who lived 15 years with the same owner, who loved them and considered them family that has never been attacked. Isnt it funny how main stream media picks and chooses the stories that are "worth" hearing? They are painting a picture for civilization, and it isn't an honest one!! These dogs are MY family, and they deserve a chance, not to be hated just because they are born into a breed whose reputation is less than perfect! But, thanks to this incidence a fire has been fueled and I will continue to fight and represent these animals in an honest and accurate light from the experience of my two "automatically guilty" pits.


Emily said...

It is shocking to me how non-bully breed dogs get away with snapping and general misbehavior and a pit and their owner are judged for even a hard stare--or are judged when behaving perfectly, like your dog in this situation. It's SO difficult but you are right, it is also motivating! Showing people they are wrong by changing their minds (not persuasively but simply by showing them how wonderful the breed is,) is very rewarding.

Mimi said...

Your poor babies! The have such adorable faces.

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Nubbin wiggles,

Kimberly Zecchini said...

It is rewarding. Most people in my family hear me talk positively about our dogs, and they are familiar with this blog. Even as silly as it may seem to have a blog about your pet, it is very rewarding in our case, to have a cause. Not just to share their cuteness and their tricks (which I love to do), but to show their true colors. It is also reassuring to know that others want to make a change and have shown their dogs in a positive light too! :)

2 Punk Dogs said...

That must have been so frustrating! WTF would have been my reaction to the statement about your cutie Tripp being a killer. If he's not going to fight back when attacked it's pretty obvious that he has a really good temperament. Sorry you had to deal with that kind of ignorance.

Kimberly Zecchini said...

He does have a very good temperment. Both of my dogs do. My dogs dont act like animals, but apart of our family. When someone is attacking the character of your child, it is very frustrating and you can only be nice for so long. I try to respect peoples misconception of our dogs, because in my mind I can prove them wrong. But, it isnt always that easy and I never thought I would face something like that from a family member who had been around them so many times. It truly cut me deep, but Tripp was sure to lick my tears as soon as I got home.. And that was comforting.