Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hating the Deed, not the breed


 Out of any dog I have ever had, Trip has been the easiest to train. He knows tricks from sit, lay, shake (with both paws), roll over, fetch, drop, in, out, jump, catch, and get on the towel. If you involve a treat, he will do ANYTHING! But, hey, I am okay with bribery. As my daughter!! But it works!! :) I am in the process of begging my better half to rescue another pit. We found one at a close by shelter in Marion, Arkansas that looks like she could be Trips Twin!!
You can visit this website and see her, her name is Sadie. If you know anyone in the Midsouth area, Please go adopt Sadie. She is a bit skiddish, around a year old; she is still very sweet. She just needs some TLC! Which is something all Pits needs, and all Dogs for that matter. Hate the Deed, Not the Breed is a logo that isn't just to get the attention of the nonbelievers, but it stands for loving a dog who wants nothing more than to be loved by you. Adopt a dog now, and if you have the  time and energy, give a Pitbull a chance, theyll be great family dogs or just great dogs to have around.

My story for Today:
 Something you may not know about our beloved little boy, Trip. He has terrible seperation anxiety. He is the perfect little angel, but if we leave him alone he chews everything he can grab (including my Harry Potter DVDs, :( ) which is like a big NONO in my house. But, we got over that and decided while we are gone he would be kept in the backyard. We live in the south, so we do not have to worry about really cold winters. But, for people who are used to the warm weather, when winter comes, it is the worst (at least for people like me.) Today was a day that made me realize that the cold weather is here!! It rained all night last night, and all day today. The temperature was super cold, (50's) and the wind and rain made it that much worse. To make me feel even worse, I had to leave me baby boy in the backyard, and he had no access to his dog house (long story). So I decided today, who needs a cell phone, my pooch needs a kennel!! So we finally got one, and he is in the process of being kennel trained. YAY! We shall see how tomorrow goes though. I am sure he isnt going to like it too much when I actually lock him up and leave!! And since I was at Petco I go him a jacket as well!! Thats what the above photos are for, who doesnt want to show their handsome dog off?


Oskar said...

He does look lovely.

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Nubbin wiggles,

Kimberley said...

Thank you. And done. :)