Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a TRIPP

My dog likes TOYS.. Lots and lots of toys. We have resorted to buying them from Dollar tree, so we don't feel a never ending burn in our wallets. He likes to take them, rip them open, and pull the stuffing out until he finds the squeaker. Then the toy is worthless to him. We did, however, find a chicken from walmart. It is a rubber chicken, and it squeaks no matter where you touch him. It is the most horrible sound ever. And he loves to play with it. He knows it gets our attention one way or another. But what is so funny, is that he really loves to go and get his chicken when we put our daughter to bed. I don't know if he just wants to keep her awake, or just thinks that means playtime. But, it is hilarious. Once we try to take it from him however, he hightails it for his dog door and hides it from us. We find toys all over the yard and in his doghouse. And don't tell anyone, but he so went into our neighbors yard and buried his bone. This is something that was quite hilarious, but sucks because now he cant have it back. Lol. He is my love.


Bren @ 4-Legged Mom said...

Trip is beautiful! Congratulations on taking a chance and adopting him. I got my first pit last Aug. Titan was 1.5 years old. Mine took a lot of training and I still train. He will always need rehabbing unfortunately, BUT he is a wonderful baby!

Good luck with Trip. I look forward to reading your progress with him. You will find, as long as he's properly trained, you couldn't ask for a better addition to your family. I hope you don't get the FEAR from other people when you're out in public like Titan and I do. It's truly sad these lil furbabies have such a bad rap.

Ok, I'm rambling..................have a great day and kisses to Trip!


Kimberley said...

Thanks Brenda. We have already grown to love him as a child (which Im sure you could have guessed that, since we have a blog just about him).
We are actually in an area where pitbulls are popular, but most people do train them to be mean, and to use them as intimidation instead of a pet. But we haven't experienced too many cruel comments, because if he is there, he almost immediately steals their heart. I always say, before you come to me with unfair statistics, spend fifteen minutes with my dog, then we will talk. After that, they usually just give in and admit to what a wonderful dog he is.

Four-Legged Mom said...

Thats awesome! People in my area have the fear and are very judgmental. Very sad

Kimberley said...

I guess I must have thick skin. :) People are always going to have their opinions on everything. Fortunatly for me, and my loud mouth, people haven't said too much. So that is pretty amazing. I hope people start looking past Titan's breed name and how he is trained and how respectful he can be. That speaks for itself sometimes.