Monday, October 10, 2011

The Prettiest little Girl with the handsomest big dog

Just wanted to show this picture because it is too adorable not to share with the world. My dog is honestly not that giagantic its how close he is to the camera I guess. :) But these are my two angels. I caught them playing in the living room today and it was so cute. She hid behind the recliner and he would try and find her, and then they'd switch. It was like hide and go seek but with a cheating dog.
Her name is Serenity, and she is Trips treat giver. He knows that he can get lots of goodies from her. You have to watch her because she will give him one after the other. But, at least she knows he has to do tricks in order to get treats (Videos soon). Speaking of Tricks and Treats. Here is our Halloween Project for Trip, (upper right corner). We are having difficulty finding enough faux fur at the fabric stores, but hopefully our persistance will pay off. Any advice on how to keep this together, or places near memphis to look at for the material would be SUPER appreciated. If not, I may have to resort to another idea, but if he is a lion, our family will be hitting up the town as the Wizard of Oz theme. Serenity being Dorothy (of course), Trip the Cowardly Lion, Me as the Scarecrow, and Jamie as the Tinman (Yes, I am making him dressup, because he has no choice in the matter) :) I look forward to this Halloween; Keep your fingers crossed for our costumes.

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