Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stroll down Memory Lane.. **EXPLICIT**

So, it doesn't  get much better than this. A day of lounging around in his favorite laying position. My sweet dog looks like he is in a state of total tranquility. (Sorry about the weiner shot)

Trip thinks that he should be beside me every moment I am home with him. If this is vicious, then I am confused! :) He is an oversized poodle, but WAY cuter!!
 Resting on Daddy!! My Pup is a cuddler. This is from when he was a puppy so his head looks pretty small in this picture. But the bigger the head, the larger the brain!! And I have a smart dog.
 My two favorite people once again!!! Every time we take a nap, this guy shows up!!! He takes up more of our bed than we do. But he and Serenity make good snuggle buddies!!
My last walk down memory lane, just to show off my adorable man.. Who doesn't enjoy waking up to a face like this??? Look at that smile!

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