Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanks PBU

New Blogger Alert

I want to send a VERY special thank you to PBU (Pet Blogs Unite) for featuring us as the new blogger. I know that's where almost all of my followers have found me from, and I find it quite warming to know that we are such a connected community. Its funny how much a love for an animal can bring you love for others!! I thank you all very much who have left comments, and followed the blog! I do hope that we meet all of your expectations in our attempt to try and recreate the image of the Pit Bull. I know that this means a lot to me and my family that we have this opportunity to share our story of Trip. He has become a very important part of this family, and we want others to know that it isn't about the breed at all, because Trip is a dog not a mean fighting machine. These animals that we have, and that we blog about, and that we know and love, are what brings us together. And thanks to blogs like PBU we have an opportunity to share our message with other bloggers, and with others all around the world. I don't know if this is typical protocol after being posted on PBU, but I say that it should be. I hope that you all share this blog with everyone that you know, so that Pit Bulls have a small chance of defending their breed with logic and not false statistics. 
I hope that everyone following, or even those who may stumble upon me by accident will comment and leave the link to their blog so that I can visit you! And we would love to get to know each and everyone of you and your animals as you get to know us.. Thank you all!! And thank you PBU!

XOXO TRIP and Family


Bowie said...

Hi! I am another (occasional) blogger that came through via PBU ^_^
Though you don't see me at the Followers list at your side bar, I have already added you in my subscription list in my Google Reader!
I want to say you have a BIG heart. Trip is certainly one of the luckiest dogs! Or maybe it's the other way round too BOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Tripp and family! Nice to meet you and like the blog!

Snow White said...

The earth is loving you Kimberly. I am a registered vet tech and have been attached to the animal world my whole life. I am thrilled to see you working hard to save and help innocent creatures. You go girl. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and I hope we can keep in touch via Blogger.

Julian Ebert said...

Although especially in Germany, we tend to be a little reluctant and averse to Pitbulls, just out of the same reasons you mentioned. "Pitbull assault on playground," a frequent headline on newspapers. At least for my part, I feel like my perception of them is getting better. Some days ago, I met a fellow resident in the laundry room of my dorm, and she had her two little Pitbull puppies with her. Judging from what I saw, their were playful, but though not easy to handle...

meowmeowmans said...

We're glad you were featured on PBU, too. :) We're glad to be following you now, and look forward to following your adventures. :)